2019 - Contribute and Watch
What the Summer Brings


Slide or Jump to Lake
Inflatable Mountain
Basketball Court
Adult Fitness Equipment
Playground Equipment
Beach to Marina
Any of the above

All Wishes must meet approval by Township
prior to construction

Ways to Contribute Right Now
Head Office is at The Village Store

Please Provide your Name,
Contact Information,
and most importantly,
Your WISH.
Records are kept of all contributions.

by Cheque - Wishes In Windermere
2505 Windermere Rd
Windermere, ON P0B1P0
with Cash - Drop Box at The Village Store
by E-TFR to WishesInWindermere@bell.net
Let us know the Password if E-Transferring


The Animal Park Bench Completion Grant
This Winter Project Opportunity and Idea
again came very quickly in mid-winter.
A simple bench and lovely coffee table have completed the animal bench.
The Grant for this idea was approved. This is a father and son project.

2017 C150 RESULTS

The Animal Park Bench Grant
This C150 Project Opportunity and Idea
came very quickly in mid-winter.
Just as fast, generous contributions were made.
The C150 Grant for this idea was approved.


The Swing Set
Small annual contributions from Locals,
Businesses, Cottagers, and Visitors,
grow over the years until a Wish can be fulfilled.
Please contribute a comfortable amount every year
to see Wishes come true.
This project was completed with
the support of a Grant.

To Contact Us :
Call 705 769 2288
Text 705 380 2609

Still Saving For Some Kind Of Water Fun

some ideas and...

This was the beach in Windermere.

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